Stitching Rowe......Attempt 4

Hi all and welcome to my blog.......well my first attempt at a blog, so excuse any mistakes as I am learning as I go along! To all my friends that are following my blog (and if you are my friend and not following it, 1 question, why aren't you???) you may have noticed that I have turned into a fat frump......and I don't like it! So I am going to do something about it.......change! The diet starts tomorrow, on the 1st, and you all have to help me! Tell me when I am doing wrong, and please go cheer when I am doing right!

Anyhoo, enough prattling, more doing! I will also let you know about my stitching and parching, and about my folksy store, if it ever gets going!

Hope to see you all on her soon xx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Warm at last!!!

Well we did it!! Moved house in under a week, that includes packing and unpacking!! Just a few bits to do at the old house and we will be shot of the hell hole!! And despite not having proper food, barring one meal a day my M-I-L made us I lost 4lbs!! It's only a little I know, but for me it means a lot! So I am a happy bunny :-D

My latest finished project!!!

I only have two more WIP's to do, Audrey Hepburn and Three for Tea, although the second one could take me nigh on 9 months!! But I have a load of new stitching goodies on it's way to me from a good friend, Kate, who taught me to stitch...........and 6 yrs later I am addicted!!!

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